meike & rene - las vegas desert elopement

I learned why so many couples choose to elope in Vegas. It used to be because they were drunk and in love and $200 could get you bound for life. Luckily, that is changing. We have the opportunity to go literally anywhere we want. We don't need a chapel, or an audience, or even a witness (your photographer works!!).

In other parts of the world, especially in parts of Europe , you are confined to either marrying in a church (which sucks if you aren't religious) or in the government building (which sucks if you want your wedding day to be special, at all). The fact that we can tie the knot here anywhere under the big beautiful sky, definitely brings people from all over.

Meike and Rene are from (you guessed it)- Europe! More specifically, Germany. We chatted about their reasoning for eloping, which I always love to hear :)

We had so much fun together, I love a happy couple who has no issues being silly or having a good time with complete strangers! They were officiated by Holly of FloraPop and they celebrated with the FloraPop standard of donuts & champagne. Enjoy!

ceremony & florals: Flora Pop

dress: Lace Marry