deidre & pierluca - the elvis desert elopement!

In one of our first correspondence emails, Deidre had shared that her soon to be husband was "very Italian and refuses to see me in my dress before the wedding". Which might sound pretty standard for typical weddings. But this was a first for me with an elopement! 

The showed up in the same car, her driving and him blindfolded! He stayed blindfolded until she walked down the aisle, and Victoria (our officiant!) untied his scarf. The look on his face was EVERYTHING!

Now, should I talk about Elvis????? He played acoustic versions of old love songs and it was incredibly romantic. All through their vows to each other, tears were shed as he strummed along. Then it became official and they danced and celebrated and hot damn, it was glorious. 

These are some of my favorite images! Cannot wait to share these with the world!

ceremony & florals by the lovely FloraPop

the desert elvis elopement29.jpg
the desert elvis elopement33.jpg

jamie & daniel's epic vegas elopement

From the pink glitter in her hair to the matching tattoos at the end of the night- this was by far one of the best days I have ever spent shooting. They hired me to document their entire day and we hopped from their hotel, to the wedding chapel, bounced around downtown, romped around in the mountains, they got matching tattoos & we finished the night off with In-N-Out Burger! Daniel even got fake arrested by a Metro cop who came to check and see if we were okay. Apparently, military grade smoke bombs set off some kind of trouble signal or something. Who knew!?


hotel: Cosmopolitan

makeup artist: LINZD

chapel: Graceland Chapel

tattoo parlor: Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas