felicity & mark - a sophisticated las vegas rooftop elopement

I fall a little bit in love with all of my couples. Not like in a creepy way, but it's just so easy for me to see how they love each other. As a wedding photographer, I get to see the side of people that maybe not everyone else gets to see. Since I do so much encouraging on them being in their own little world, I get this peek into how they love each other. Which makes it pretty easy to fall in love with their love. I love love, if you can't tell. 

Felicity and Mark were no different. And on top of their love being so apparent for one another, they aced the elopement game. Their style was impeccable and the details of the day were so well thought out. 

We ended up rooftop at my favorite spot for a sunset ceremony with Victoria of FloraPop. They popped champagne and danced in the smoke bombs and then we ventured around in the lights before we went our separate ways. This day was pure magic, enjoy!

coverage: 2 hours

officiant: FloraPop

jackie & chris - bright and happy downtown las vegas elopement

I'm gonna try not to get sappy here but this wedding will always hold a super special place in my heart. This wedding took place on October 2, the day after the tragedy that shook our city. That entire morning was so somber and dark. I remember checking in with them to make sure they were alright, I knew they were here with their little girl and I couldn't imagine how terrified they must have been. The night before their wedding nonetheless. I was a little worried that maybe they might want to delay and I wasn't really sure how I felt going into the session. It always feels difficult to celebrate, be happy - during such a dark time. 

Immediately upon arrival, I knew they had made the right choice to celebrate love, happiness, life. To have let the terror and sadness displace that would have been a great tragedy in itself. We briefly spoke of the events that happened the night before but decided that speaking on their life and love was a much better use of our energy. We celebrated and they brought so much light into our city! I'm forever thankful for these two for the reminder that love is truly everything. 

We started outside of the chapel with their close family and friends. I love a close knit group of people there to celebrate the ones they love!

Shortly after, we started to wander downtown and we ended our time together on my favorite rooftop and then with a fancy cocktail before I sent them on their way to go party.

Their love and energy was totally infectious and I'm pretty sure at one point, Chris told me "this is exactly what we do at home" as they were just being sweet as hell to each other. I knew he was being serious because they were expert level lovers. 

I adore these images and I hope you all do too!

sammy & craig - a downtown las vegas rooftop elopement

aaah, Sammy and Craig. What a feeling I got from! I love when you can feel the love between a couple. A love that is just electric and powerful and the kind that lasts to the end of  all the days. 

These two have known and loved each other since they were young, which is rare. And to have a love that powerful after that long, is even rarer.

We had so much fun wandering downtown Las Vegas, we cruised the streets and played and created straight magic!!! We ended the night on a rooftop for a perfect Flora Pop wedding with Victoria, complete with a cacti altar and music!!!! (And donuts and champagne because hellooooooo) The sunset put on quite a show for us and the entire perimeter of the city stormed with electricity (the lightning kind).. but thinking back I'm pretty sure their energy just brought it all on in the most beautiful way. 

On top of being totally infatuated with them as a couple, we created GOLD together!!! I can't wait to share, so here goes:

Officiant/Altar Design: Flora Pop

Donuts: Donut Bar Las Vegas

wen & jin - a fancy taco bell cantina elopement!

Did you know you can get hitched at Taco Bell Cantina??? It's perfectly cheesy and surprisingly adorable in there!

These two opted for a fun, carefree elopement along with some more sophisticated portraits in other locations. Which was perfect for these two!

coverage: 3.5 hours

hotel: Mandarin Oriental

venue: Taco Bell Cantina

officiant: FloraPop


katie & ian - summer dry lake bed elopement

This elopement was one of the most intimate I had all year, maybe ever. It was romantic and so gentle and full of love. The bride had battled some very serious health issues the years prior and they were both just so happy to be there committing their lives to one another. 

We started downtown and finished up in the desert with FloraPop with pink champagne! xo

nicoletta & adam's rad las vegas desert elopement

Oh, Nicoletta and Adam. My true loves all the way from the UK! I love when I book a client and then become friends with them online and then I feel like I know them when we meet. That's what happened with these two lovebirds! I even became friends with they UK photographer who is all kinds of excellent! You can go lurk him here!

Anyway! We shot their ceremony and portraits up in the mountains and then went and frolicked downtown for a bit for some glimmering lights. 

ceremony: Flora Pop

jamie & daniel's epic vegas elopement

From the pink glitter in her hair to the matching tattoos at the end of the night- this was by far one of the best days I have ever spent shooting. They hired me to document their entire day and we hopped from their hotel, to the wedding chapel, bounced around downtown, romped around in the mountains, they got matching tattoos & we finished the night off with In-N-Out Burger! Daniel even got fake arrested by a Metro cop who came to check and see if we were okay. Apparently, military grade smoke bombs set off some kind of trouble signal or something. Who knew!?


hotel: Cosmopolitan

makeup artist: LINZD

chapel: Graceland Chapel

tattoo parlor: Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas

haylea & justin's retro winter elopement

Haylea & Justin, my little new years babes! What better way to kick off 2017 than documenting these two and their love. They road tripped to Vegas all the way from Texarkana, TX to tie the knot.

We planned a bit of an adventure for the day, and you'd never know it but it was absolutely freezing! Haylea was such a trooper and you can see Justin warming her up in a few of the shots during the ceremony. *swooooooon*

We started downtown Las Vegas, for some fun shots in her red sequin dress. We wrapped up the city shots at one of my favorite little corridors outside of PublicUs before heading to the desert for their ceremony.

It was such a magical day and I'm so thankful rad couples like these two pick me to document their time in Vegas!

ceremony & florals: Flora Pop