jaymee & dustin - classic wedding at ebell club long beach

Creative Team:

Planning: Agape Planning

Venue: Ebell Club Long Beach

Catering: Tres La

Florals: Revel Petals

Hair & Makeup: Design Visage

DJ: Invisible Touch Events

Linens: La Tavola

Cake: Cakes By Colin

Videographer: All in White Films

Bride’s Dress: Alon Livne White

Groom & Groomsmen: The Black Tux

Bridesmaids: Show Me Your Mumu

Ring: Single Stone

los-angeles- wedding-ebell-club-classic-wedding00034.jpg

meredith & jake - florapop lakebed surprise wedding

I've always been a big fan of non-traditional weddings because the couple gets to do their wedding day however they want. For me, that is truly the most important part of any wedding day. Experience is absolutely everything. For some people this means inviting no one, having no pressure from anyone at all. And for others, it means having their very closest, best friends and family. This seems to be coupled with lots of happy tears, the kind you cannot hold back.

Meredith and Jake planned this entire wedding in secret. They talked their best friends and close family into coming to Las Vegas for Meredith's "30th birthday" which happened to be the day after the wedding. (What a way to spend your last day in your 20's!)

She planned the most perfect FloraPop teardrop wedding and organized Elvis to come out and serenade. There were lots of tears shed by everyone. And then lots of confusion when Elvis continued on with the ceremony after singing his "walk down the aisle" song. There is this fine line during ceremony where no one wants to ruin THE moment of all moments, but they also want it to be perfect. I noticed the bride kind of giggle at her girls once she realized Elvis wasn't just saying sweet stuff to start the day off right- they were full blown getting married! Which was the plan to begin with, so they just rolled with it and had a great time. We all had a good laugh about it after and went on to toast to their beautiful love, dance and celebrate! 

ceremony & florals by FloraPop

las vegas dry lake bed florapop wedding00001.jpg

nicole & josh - the new years eve eve wedding

Weddings should be a celebration of love, and that's exactly what Nicole and Josh planned for their day. Not to mention they got married the night before New Years Eve and they rented out a nightclub to do it up right! They invited all of the people that love and adore them and their day was so damn beautiful! Nicole's vision was brought to life by an incredible team and I was so happy to be a part of it all. 

coverage: 7.5 hours

venue: Red Rock Resort

coordination: Paulina Clute Events

floral & decor: Flourish

dress: Couture Bride

makeup: Sheena Zargari


jaqculine & chris - an arizona mountain top wedding

You know what I love? Personal weddings. Where the venue is some place familiar and warm and the officiant is someone who knows the bride and groom. I'm sure you've figured out that this is one of those weddings. The venue was the backyard of Jackie's grandparents home. She grew up visiting there and it held so much magic for her, and I can see why.

Jackie and Chris have two beautiful girls, who were part of every bit of this day. If you've followed along, you'll know I'm a sucker for people who do things differently. Hopefully you can feel the love & magic in this day. Set high in the mountains outside of Kingman, Arizona, a wedding photographer's dream come true.

jill & alex - an intimate big bear wedding

Their wedding originally started out as an elopement, then an elopement with a very small guest list and then slowly morphed into a super intimate wedding, with all the bells and whistles. I honestly think this fit them so much better, because they had a great group of close friends and family. People who really knew and loved them, well. 

They rented out a rad little residence in Big Bear, CA that was complete with a barn for dancing and food and lots and lots of drinks. Jill had told me many times throughout the day how she didn't like to be the center of attention and how much they disliked anything cheesy or traditional and how they really just wanted to have fun. AND THAT THEY DID! I have literally never seen a groom tear up the dance floor like Alex did. So. Much. Fun. 

jenna & eric's romantic sedona wedding

This wedding is extra special to me because well.. the bride is my sister!

They wanted to elope but couldn't imagine tying the knot without their people, so they chose their favorite spot and invited all 13 of us to be there.

For starts, Sedona is beyond beautiful. But L'Auberge is some next level shit. So getting to document such a special day for one of my favorite people in such a gorgeous place is pretty freaking rad. 

venue: L'Auberge de Sedona

dress: Bowties Bridal

florals: Bliss Extraordinary Florals

becky & michelle's old orange county courthouse wedding

When you think of a "courthouse wedding", you definitely do not think of this gorgeous place!!! It had that old charm that is completely irresistible. It doesn't hurt to be in the heart of Southern California!

Becky and Michelle were so intimate and romantic and I just swoon over their images! 

It was a warm (and I mean WARM), late spring day for this wedding- and when I arrived these two were hiding out in a fire escape from the heat and the chaos that is two giant families on a wedding day :) They ended up walking each other down the "aisle" and met again up front for a ceremony led by a close friend. He went on to talk about their relationship and their engagement and how they had both planned to propose to each other at the same time (without knowing it of course!)  I love a personalized ceremony, especially since I don't know much about my couples until the day of when I start asking lots and lots of questions!

We got a chance to wander around after the ceremony with the place to ourselves. The moody window light combined with their romantic vibe just really made this day. When I say I want my couples to be in their own world and to ignore me- THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!!

lindsey & ryan - an intimate winter wedding at lake las vegas

I don't get to shoot many full blown weddings, and that's totally by choice! I really prefer documenting couple's who spend their wedding day doing it their way and not just because tradition says so. 

So- when I met Lindsey and Ryan, I knew they were exactly the type of wedding clients I like to have. They cut a wedding pie instead of cake and we ran around on golf carts and I got to witness multiple dance-offs on the party floor. They also had a friend officiate for them, which has got to be one of my favorite personal touches. She wrote her own ceremony and it was funny and sweet and 100% "them". This day was cold and cloudy and just absolute magic. And did I mention Lindsey looks like a freaking supermodel???!