gina & trevor - a rustic indian springs wedding

When I first saw this venue, I instantly fell in love. It's full of quirk and it's pretty rustic and it just had character. It's just outside of Las Vegas, in Indian Springs, NV and it's own little desert oasis. They've got an orchard and chickens and llamas and horses.. and the bride and groom ( and their people) brought all of their dogs. And now dogs at a wedding is my favorite thing ever. If you pay attention to almost all full body shots of Gina, you'll see Fred at her feet. 

On top of having their closest friends and family (two legged and four legged), they had a couple really personal touches to their non-traditional traditional wedding. They had two family members play an acoustic version of "Your Song" by Elton John while Gina walked down the isle. They also had Trevor's grandfather officiate for them. He's an old cowboy and just had the most incredible energy and style!!

Their reception was just as unique. There was absolutely no schedule, no plans for anything other than celebrating the two of them. They ended up sharing a first dance together- because they felt like it and I loved that. They are one of those insanely intimate couples that love just radiates off of. So everyone had a little heart burst watching them dance and be in love. They had a food truck there to feed everyone and just about every type of beer, wine & spirits along with lawn games. It was just a damn good time! 

venue: Indian Springs Ranch Nevada

dress: sweet caroline styles