andrea & kris - a san francisco elopement adventure

Okay, so let me start by saying that I love traveling. And then let me say how much I love San Francisco. And then let me say how freaking insane this day was.

Andrea & Kris have been together for about 10 years now and I've know them both for about that time. So when she asked if I would come up and shoot their elopement in SF, I just about died. 

They had no real plan for the day other than a ceremony at the City Hall (HOLY SHIT) and a lunch for their immediate family who flew/drove up for the day. We started at their hotel and they got ready together, side by side, cute as ever. Kris and I were both praying for rain and it misted on us steady, pretty much all day. That definitely helps crank up the magical factor. 

We ate and drank and decided to go check out the Sutro Baths, which were just so insanely beautiful. Especially with the mist in the air. I absolutely love what we captured, and I'm so excited to share it with the world!!! Shoutout to my #dreamclients <3

jill & alex - an intimate big bear wedding

Their wedding originally started out as an elopement, then an elopement with a very small guest list and then slowly morphed into a super intimate wedding, with all the bells and whistles. I honestly think this fit them so much better, because they had a huge group of small friends and family. People who really knew and loved them, well. 

They rented out a rad little residence in Big Bear, CA that was complete with a barn for dancing and food and lots and lots of drinks. Jill had told me many times throughout the day how she didn't like to be the center of attention and how much they disliked anything cheesy or traditional and how they really just wanted to have fun. AND THAT THEY DID! I have literally never seen a groom tear up the dance floor like Alex did. So. Much. Fun. 

nicoletta & adam's rad las vegas desert elopement

Oh, Nicoletta and Adam. My true loves all the way from the UK! I love when I book a client and then become friends with them online and then I feel like I know them when we meet. That's what happened with these two lovebirds! I even became friends with they UK photographer who is all kinds of excellent! You can go lurk him here!

Anyway! We shot their ceremony and portraits up in the mountains and then went and frolicked downtown for a bit for some glimmering lights. 

ceremony: Flora Pop

jenna & eric's romantic sedona wedding

This wedding is extra special to me because well.. the bride is my sister!

They wanted to elope but couldn't imagine tying the knot without their people, so they chose their favorite spot and invited all 13 of us to be there.

For starts, Sedona is beyond beautiful. But L'Auberge is some next level shit. So getting to document such a special day for one of my favorite people in such a gorgeous place is pretty freaking rad. 

venue: L'Auberge de Sedona

dress: Bowties Bridal

florals: Bliss Extraordinary Florals

becky & michelle's old orange county courthouse wedding

When you think of a "courthouse wedding", you definitely do not think of this gorgeous place!!! It had that old charm that is completely irresistible. It doesn't hurt to be in the heart of Southern California!

Becky and Michelle were so intimate and romantic and I just swoon over their images! 

It was a warm (and I mean WARM), late spring day for this wedding- and when I arrived these two were hiding out in a fire escape from the heat and the chaos that is two giant families on a wedding day :) They ended up walking each other down the "aisle" and met again up front for a ceremony led by a close friend. He went on to talk about their relationship and their engagement and how they had both planned to propose to each other at the same time (without knowing it of course!)  I love a personalized ceremony, especially since I don't know much about my couples until the day of when I start asking lots and lots of questions!

We got a chance to wander around after the ceremony with the place to ourselves. The moody window light combined with their romantic vibe just really made this day. When I say I want my couples to be in their own world and to ignore me- THIS IS WHAT I WANT!!!!

meike & rene - las vegas desert elopement

I learned why so many couples choose to elope in Vegas. It used to be because they were drunk and in love and $200 could get you bound for life. Luckily, that is changing. We have the opportunity to go literally anywhere we want. We don't need a chapel, or an audience, or even a witness (your photographer works!!).

In other parts of the world, especially in parts of Europe , you are confined to either marrying in a church (which sucks if you aren't religious) or in the government building (which sucks if you want your wedding day to be special, at all). The fact that we can tie the knot here anywhere under the big beautiful sky, definitely brings people from all over.

Meike and Rene are from (you guessed it)- Europe! More specifically, Germany. We chatted about their reasoning for eloping, which I always love to hear :)

We had so much fun together, I love a happy couple who has no issues being silly or having a good time with complete strangers! They were officiated by Holly of FloraPop and they celebrated with the FloraPop standard of donuts & champagne. Enjoy!

ceremony & florals: Flora Pop

dress: Lace Marry

francesca & benno - a pop-up wedding in the Las Vegas mountains

I've gotten so used to elopements with no guests that I almost forgot how much fun a guest list can be! Most of the time, it's so much easier for the couple to steal away and enjoy the time for themselves. But- occasionally you have a couple that brings company that compliments them so beautifully that you couldn't imagine their day without them. Francesca and Benno also had a little girl who was so happy to be dressed up like a little fairy princess. She also got a chance to carry around the bouquet, and I'm pretty sure that made her whole life!

After their ceremony, the exited with a traditional rice throwing aisle (is that what you call that???) and then we shot portraits. We returned back to the group who was from all over the world! I listened to happy speeches in about 6 different languages and its a good thing emotion comes through the same because I didn't comprehend a single word that was said! Anyway, they cut their cake and toasted to love and forever and it was just freakin' magic.

ceremony: FloraPop

jamie & daniel's epic vegas elopement

From the pink glitter in her hair to the matching tattoos at the end of the night- this was by far one of the best days I have ever spent shooting. They hired me to document their entire day and we hopped from their hotel, to the wedding chapel, bounced around downtown, romped around in the mountains, they got matching tattoos & we finished the night off with In-N-Out Burger! Daniel even got fake arrested by a Metro cop who came to check and see if we were okay. Apparently, military grade smoke bombs set off some kind of trouble signal or something. Who knew!?


hotel: Cosmopolitan

makeup artist: LINZD

chapel: Graceland Chapel

tattoo parlor: Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas