What to expect

First and foremost, my main goal is to make sure my clients enjoy their wedding day. This has always been at the top of my list. I tend to put a lot of emphasis on my clients enjoying themselves versus making sure we get perfectly poses images. I think the way they feel about their images is greatly colored by how much love and happiness they felt on their day. So I always aim for capturing those beautiful moments rather than creating how I think their love should look. When they get my images back they remember that and so it makes the images not only beautiful but also meaningful. 

Naturally, I am an observer and my talent lies within seeing the love between two people and capturing that. I prefer to foster an environment that invites movement and connection rather than rigid posing with strict direction. I do offer guidance and ways to get moving with each other - ie: walking, dancing, telling each other jokes, and I may even "pose" you and then have you carry on talking and loving on one another. 

"Please ignore me as much as possible. Keep your focus on one another and love on each other however you do!" Is the first thing I tell my couples and I do a lot of "please do that again, that was so damn sweet" etc etc.

99% of my clients start out a little stiff and worried about being awkward and walk away like old pros. My job is just to open the door for you two to be yourselves and to capture it along the way. 

Important considerations

  • My top priority (second to your experience) is LIGHT!!! Lighting is everything when it comes to photography. The ideal lighting is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. With a small window of time after sunset/before sunrise. I always prefer to plan portraits during this time. It allows me that beautiful light to work with and helps you get the most out of your images!

  • TIMING! I always suggest putting together a rough timeline for weddings/elopements that require more than one location or that have any type of outside restrictions (receptions/celebrations/party time). It helps the day run much more smoothly and stress free, which is the goal on your wedding day.

  • Next thing to consider are your must haves. My weddings range from 100% carefree secret elopements to 150 guest count wedding celebrations. Every one has different must haves. Some couples are most focused on enjoying themselves and just capturing whatever happens. Maybe those gorgeous portraits, or sweet candids? If you'll have guests, it's probably important that you get some great images with them. Maybe you have a secret handshake or dance you do with your partner? Whatever it is, note it down. There's a chance that you will have multiple must haves and that's okay! Just keep in mind that your wedding day will move faster than you can imagine and if we make them a priority, we will have a better shot of making it happen!

  • Transportation- Please make sure you have arranged transportation if we are shooting more than one location. Using Uber/Lyft eats up too much of our precious time together! I have my own car but unfortunately am not able to transport clients.

  • This one is for the ladies- If your shoes are uncomfortable or difficult to walk in, bring a back up pair. This goes for city & desert. You'll thank me later!

  • Lastly, props. I'm not big on props to begin with but if you want to bring confetti or something- please make sure its biodegradable!

How to prepare

The best thing you can do on your wedding day, is to be yourselves. Seriously! There's no need to plan out what you two will do together, my only requirement is that you show up and love each other. There's no one way and certainly no wrong way. 

Start paying attention to the type of couple you are: serious/super silly, introverted and intimate/extroverted and fun, physically/verbally/telepathically affectionate (I feel like some people can just look at each other lovingly and just know). And chances are that you are probably a good mix of many of those characteristics!

Pay attention to the sweet ways you show your love to each other, the inside jokes you have, your favorite things about one another. Keeping all of these things in mind can help you settle in quickly and totally nail your wedding portraits! 


My booking process is fairly simple, I require a $250 deposit along with a contract. The remaining balance is not due until day of. Most of my clients tend to book 6 months- a year out, although I have had elopements booked as late as 24 hours notice! Of course, if you are looking for a specific date (especially in May, June, September & October) I would suggest locking it down as soon as possible. 

Wondering which package to choose? I am always a fan of more coverage on your wedding day, because you only get to do this once and your images are the only thing you get to hold onto. Plus, more time allows us to capture more details, a bit more wiggle room and time for creativity and ultimately- fun! If you still have questions regarding how much time will suit you best, feel free to contact me and we can go over all the little goods! 


Yes, I travel! I have photographed weddings all across The US, from San Francisco to New York City. There are few things I love more than photographing a wedding in new territory, so I make it as affordable as possible for my clients. Often as low as $150-300 to help offset my costs.

Sharing & printing

I offer full print release with all of my work. This means you own all of your images and you're welcome to print them wherever and as many times as you'd like! I also deliver ALL of the great images from your day. I don't believe in holding back images just because I have met my stated quantity.

Sharing is always okay, as long as the images are not filtered or altered in any way. These are your images and I love seeing them spread far and wide!!!



Still have questions? Just feel like saying hello? I'm an open book. Shoot me a message!